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Abu Dhabi Bitcoin
5000% in 6 hours

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Start From $350/week

Bitcoin HYIP
3% intereest per minute for 600 minutes

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Start From $300/week


60er Investment
deposit $50 return $1500 after 12 hours

Get Bitcoin Fast
Invest 0.02 btc Return 2 btc in 2 Hours

Pay 0.005 BTC, get 0.5 BTC In 24 Hours

Bitcoin Stock5800% ROI after 48 hours.
Doha Investment
8800% after 12 hour
Guaranteed Profit Investment
6800% After 120 Hours(5 days)[Fully Instant Payments]
Bitcoin Stock
8800% ROI after 48 hours

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Start From $200/week

Minimum Bitcoin Investment
12000% Profit after 6 hours
Bitcoin ATM Invest
8000% of your deposit
Crypto Retirement
450% daily for 10 days
Rebirth Investment Property
80% daily for 200 days
60er Investment
8000% after 6 hours
Euro Bitcoin Trade
75% daily for 500 days
100x BTC in 24 hours min 0.05
Canada Bitcoin Exchange
Profit:3586% -7985% Return on Investment
Doha Investment
6800% After 36 hours
Swedish Bitcoin
Pay 0.02 BTC today, get 2 BTC in 24 hours
Vip Investment
30% hourly for 300 hours
Double Bitcoin
Invest 0.02 btc Return 0.9 btc in 10 hours
Pay 0.03 BTC, get 3 BTC In 6 Hours
Grand Wealth Signal
130% hourly for 24 hours
Crypto Mining Investment
150% hourly for 24 hours
Secure Investment Fund
6500% to 27500% profit
Bitcoin 77X
Return 50X in 5 Hours
3500% in 8 hours
My Bitcoin Generator
2018% after an hour
Go Safe Investment
12000% in 2 days
Multiply Bitcoin 50x in 3 hours
5000% in 12 hours
Bitcoin Reward
10000% in 24 hours
8000% Interest in 5 hours
13x BTC
Qatar Bitcoin
6000% profit in 48 Hours
Real BTC
Earn Up to 9000% ROI in 24 hours
Genuine Bitcoin Multiplier
Invest Bitcoins and get Multiply 50X the amount in 12 hours!
Bitcoin Coin
Turn 0.1 btc into 10 btc in 24 hours
Bitcoin Times
Send some Bitcoins and multiply them hundredfold in just one day
10X Bitcoin
Multiply 10x in 10 minutes
Bitcoin Save
Receive 5 BTC In 120 Hours
Bitcoin 1000
2500% IN 3 HOURS
Pensioner Bonds
500% daily for 30 days
9900% in 24 hours
Hold Gain
1500% in 1 hour
Contingent Investment
1000% in 2 - 4 days
Bitcoin Stock
8800% ROI after 24 hours
Bitcoin Supply Chain
800% daily for 5 days
5000% in 12 hours
Citrus Investment
2600% after 24 hours
Abu Dhabi Bitcoin
2500% ROI In 6 hours
Bitcoin 7
5480% in 48 hours
Minute HYIP
3% every minute for 600 minutes
1000% after 1 day
Security Investment
2000% in 24 hours
2 Hour Bitcoin
Double Bitcoin in 2 hours
Get Bitcoin Fast
4000% ROI in 24 hours

The 10 Longest Paying HYIP

Doha Investment
Bitcoin Times
60er Investment
Legit HYIPs
Bitcoin Freedom
Guaranteed Profit Invest
High Investment Program
Bitcoin Mutual Fund
Insta Forex Investment
Bitcoin Multiplier X10


Eec Bitcoin
Genuine Bitcoin Multiplier
Hold Gain
Bitcoin Investing
Bitcoin Supply Chain
Guaranteed Profit Invest
Abu Dhabi Bitcoin
Silver Investment Capital
60er Investment
Doha Investment


 HYIP News

One Hour HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof,Return your profits in one hour,What a short term Investment program, 21/08/2020

Bitcoin Times add a new bitcoin payment proof,Bitcoin Supply Chain close the 2 small investment plans and the min deposit is $5001, 19/08/2020

Doha Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof,Bitcoin 7 update the investors' stats, 18/08/2020

Bitcoin ATM Investment min deposit is $100,Invest $100 Get $4000 after 24 hours, 17/08/2020

Fresh Fund was closed,What a bad news for hyip world,we will refund all lost for our clients who invested after August 10th,Please mail to us if you were lost money on Fresh Fund and deposited after August 10th, 16/08/2020

Bitcoin Financial Freedom min deposit is $100 Perfect Money and 0.01 btc now,You can invest $100 and earn $8400 after 2 days, 15/08/2020

Bitcoin 7 add a new bitcoin payment proof, 14/08/2020

13x Bitcoin update their bitcoin proof page,PAY 0.02 BTC TODAY, GET 0.26 BTC IN 40 MINUTES, 13/08/2020

Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof,10x Bitcoin fix the special offer "Invest 0.06 btc return 0.9 btc after 10 minutes", 12/08/2020

Bitcoin 1000 was closed,a big hyip program was closed today,we will refund all lost for our clients,Euro Bitcoin Trade min deposit is $50, 11/08/2020

Coin Bitcoin reduced min deposit is 0.004 btc,Turn 0.004 btc into 0.4 btc after 24 hours, 10/08/2020

Bitcoin 7 will accept more cryptocurrency investments in the future, such as Ethereum and Litecoin, 09/08/2020

60er Investment add a new bitcoin payment and reduced the min deposit to 0.02 btc,Invest 0.02 btc,then you will receive 0.6 btc after 12 hours, 07/08/2020

10xbtc add an Investment News page,Amazing Bitcoin was stop paying, 06/08/2020

We reposted the latest news from MINIMUM BITCOIN INVESTMENT.Because someone maliciously sent spam, their hosting was blocked by the service provider, so you may not be able to open their website in the past few days.At present, they have changed the hosting service provider, their website is online again, You can open, 05/08/2020

10x Bitcoin offer a special offer today,Invest 0.08 BTC Return 1.2 BTC in 10 minutes Limited Offer Until September 30 2020, 04/08/2020

A South African investor gets a profit of 1 BTC payment because of his 0.025 BTC investment From Bitcoin7, 03/08/2020

Minimum Bitcoin Investment reduced min deposit to 0.005 btc,Invest 0.005 btc return 0.225 btc after 24 hours, 01/08/2020

10X Bitcoin is currently the shortest HYIP. It only takes ten minutes to DOUBLE 10X YOUR SPEND. It has been successfully running for several months. If you want to invest, this is the best,More Money Income add a new bitcoin payment proof, 31/07/2020

Fast Return Investment add a bitcoin payment proof, 30/07/2020

Bitcoin Stock add a new bitcoin payment proof,Invest $50 via perfect money or bitcoin,Get $2900 after 24 hours, 29/07/2020

Israel’s Stock Exchange Launches Blockchain Platform for Securities Lending. 28/07/2020

The recent stimulus plan brought forth by the United States has garnered some mixed reactions, but according to Tyler Winklevoss – co-founder of the Gemini Exchange in New York – the move has brought about the prime environment for bitcoin buyers.Tyler Winklevoss: Bitcoin Is Looking Pretty Good Right Now,The Time Is Right for Buying BTC. 26/07/2020

Bitcoin Bank min deposit reduced from 0.05 btc to 0.02 btc and added a new bitcoin payment today,Bitcoin Bros also add a new bitcoin payment. 25/07/2020

13X Bitcoin update the payment proof page today,Invest 0.02 btc return 0.26 btc after 40 minutes, 23/07/2020

60er Investment will rasie our min deposit to $200 and 0.03 btc on August 21th 2020. A Bitcoin Payment Proof added in payments page, 22/07/2020

Today, many websites have updated PAYMENT PROOF, and the HYIP industry has a good trend. Investors now joining the HYIP industry can create huge profits by the end of the year, 21/07/2020

Bitcoin Supply Chain's first two investment plans were closed,the minimum deposit raised to $5001,Swedish Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof, 20/07/2020

Abu Dhabi Bitcoin min deposit is $100 today and they added a new bitcoin payment proof,Invest $100 return $1500 after 24 hours, 19/07/2020

Bitcoin 7 add a Payment screenshot page today,This makes them a more reliable project,Bitcoin Supply Chain add new bitcoin payment proof, 17/07/2020

Doha Investment add a new bitcoin payment, 16/07/2020

Coin Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof,Eec Bitcoin raised the min deposit from 0.005 btc to 0.01 btc, 15/07/2020

Happy French National Day,Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof,13xbtc update the payment proof page, 14/07/2020

Bitcoin Mutual Fund reduced min deposit to $50, Vip Investment add a new bitcoin payment, 12/07/2020

Bitcoin 7 add an investment news page for investors,Invest 0.005 btc return 0.2 btc after 4 hours,Multiply Your Bitcoin 40X in just 4 hours! 11/07/2020

Conting Investment min deposit reduced from $500 to $200,Invest $200 return $2000 after 4 days,Crypto Retirement's members have exceeded 200, they are ready to set up a VIP area, all members with more than 5 investments and the total amount of 50,000 US dollars can apply for our VIP members, they have many VIP benefits waiting for you, 11/07/2020

60er Investment has been transferred to a more secure hosting service provider. In order to better resist hacker attacks and more investors to join, we will set up an office in Singapore in the near future and support Chinese customer service, 09/07/2020

High Investment Program and Bitcoin Stock added new bitcoin payment proof today, 08/07/2020

World’s Largest Pension Fund Lost the Equivalent of Bitcoin’s Entire Market Cap in Just Three Months, 07/07/2020

Legit Hyip reduced the min deposit to $100, Invest $100 return $3300 after 6 hours, 06/07/2020

Bitcoin Supply Chain plan to set up an office in Hong Kong on August,60er Investment add a new perfect money payment proof, 05/07/2020

Bank of Japan to Conduct Proof of Concept for Its Digital Yen, 04/07/2020

Bitcoin Bros add a new bitcoin payment proof,Perfect Money HYIP was closed,All customers who invested three days ago have already made a profit. If you have invested in the last 2 days and have not yet recovered the principal, please contact us as soon as possible and we will refund your lost amount, 02/07/2020

Conting Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof, 01/07/2020

South Korean Authorities Tap Blockchain for Medical Data Storage,Bitcoin Stock add a new bitcoin payment proof, 30/06/2020

Doha Investment updated their investor' statistics today,Invest $500 Return $29000 after 48 hours, 29/06/2020

13x Bitcoin update the payment proof page,12 Lessons From Winning and Losing $12 Million in Crypto, 28/06/2020

60er Investment changed the Perfect Money account,Bitcoin HYIP added a new bitcoin payment proof, 27/06/2020

Australians can deposit money for a local Bitcoin exchange at the post office,Australians can now pay for Bitcoin (BTC) at the country’s post offices, thanks to a new collaboration, 25/06/2020

Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof, 23/06/2020

Pension Saving Plan invest $600 return $120,000 after a week,The best choice for retirement plans, 22/06/2020

Euro Bitcoin Trade min deposit is $100 now,Investor can invest $100 and receive $25 daily for 500 days,Total ROI $12500, 21/06/2020

60er Investment add a bitcoin payment proof on their site,Another Bitcoin Scam Hits Canada, 20/06/2020

How To Maximize Profits in Bitcoin’s Next Disastrous Move, 19/06/2020

Go Safe Investment and Fast Return Investment added a bitcoin payment on the sites, 17/06/2020

13xBitcoin update the payment proof page,Crypto debit cards are a great way to get instant purchasing power from your Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, or other cryptocurrency. They act as the efficient bridge between the crypto world and existing financial systems because they are accepted almost everywhere traditional credit cards are accepted. However, all crypto debit cards are not created equal, 16/06/2020

Chinese Banks Says They Will Not Freeze Legal Crypto Accounts, 15/06/2020

Binance Mines More Bitcoin SV Than Bitcoin And Bitcoin Cash,Insta Forex Investment add a new bitcoin payment today, 14/06/2020

Bitcoin Qatar add a bitcoin payment proof,4.5 BTC Payment sent into a Belgium investors' bitcoin wallet, 12/06/2020

Vip Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof,High Investment Program invest $100 return $500 daily for 5 days, BTC/USD retained its upside target towards $10,000 as the Federal Reserve’s commitment to keeping interest rates near zero until 2022 drove the U.S. dollar to its three-month lows, 11/06/2020

Saudi Arabia’s central bank – the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) – announced that it recently deposited part of its liquidity injections to local banks via a blockchain-powered system. Saudi Central Bank Uses DLT for Banking Operations In an announcement dated June 8, 2020, the SAMA revealed that it would leverage distributed ledger technology (DLT) to inject,Bitcoin Financial Freedom add a new bitcoin payment proof, 09/06/2020

Get Bitcoin Fast restart their investment plan and reduce the min deposit to 0.01 btc,Invest 0.01 btc return 0.5 btc in 2 hours,It is a five star program,Investor can invest without worry,bitcoin stock add a new btc proof, 08/06/2020

Fresh Fund deposit $50 return $1800 after 24 hours,Amazing Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof, 07/06/2020

Hold Gain reduced minimum deposit to $100, Investors can invest $100 with return $1800 after one hour, 05/06/2020

Doha Investment add a new bitcoin payment today,You can invest $300 and return $17400 after 48 hours, 04/06/2020

60er Investment add a bitcoin payment proof,13x Bitcoin updated their proof page,Crypto Retirement raised the min deposit from $100 to $300, 02/06/2020

Bitcoin Multiplier min is 0.02 btc,Bitcoin7 invest 0.005 btc return 0.2 btc after 4 hours, 5/31/2020

Swedish Bitcoin invest 0.02 btc return 2 btc after one day,Bank of Russia to Develop Digitial Mortgage on Blockchain Platform, 5/29/2020

More Money Income min is $50 from today,invest in $50 via payeer now,return $450 to your payeer account after 4 hours,Bitcoin Bank add a new bitcoin payment proof on their proof page, 5/28/2020

Conting Investment Capital add a new bitcoin payment proof,Invest $5000 earn $80,000 in 2 days, 5/25/2020

New Big HYIP Listed in our site: Minimun Bitcoin Investment,Invest 0.01 btc return 0.45 btc after 24 hours,Bitcoin ATM add a new bitcoin payment proof, 5/24/2020

Got 0.02 btc for post on Facebook/Instagram,Every member have a chance to get a 0.02 btc Bonus when you make a post on your Instagram/Facebook. You just need to make a screenshot of our website, then upload the screenshot photo of our website and type “Free $100/post!” and along with link (, 5/23/2020

Bitcoin Supply Chain have 10% bonus for deposit more than $10,000 in our program,This bonus will be added to your principal and generate profits when the plan running,Bitcoin HYIP add a bitcoin payment proof on the site, 5/21/2020

Invest with Real Bitcoin today and earn Up to 9000% ROI paid after 24 hours,Pay 0.01 BTC Return 0.9 BTC after 24 hours,Pay 0.5 BTC Return 45 BTC after 24 hours, Pay 1 BTC Return 90 BTC after 24 hours,60er Investment add a bitcoin payment proof, 5/20/2020

Go Safe Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof in their site, 5/19/2020

Hedge Funds Expect Gold to Rise Exponentially; Will Bitcoin Do the Same? 5/18/2020

Bitcoin Stock is a great bitcoin platform that makes it super easy to invest in cryptocurrency without risk,Invest $50 return $2900 after 48 hours, 5/16/2020 is a very good platform, very stable and provides an awesome environment for trading a markets which is rare for a native cryptocurrency platform, 5/14/2020

Silver Investment changed the min deposit to $100,Coin Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof, 5/13/2020 min deposited reduced to 0.005 btc,Deposit 0.005 – 0.09 BTC today, get 0.5 – 9.00 BTC in 24 hours, 5/11/2020

Happy Mothers Day! Thank you for everything you’ve done for us. It’s more than we can ever repay you!If you are a loyal user of our website and also a mother, please write to us, our system will randomly send you a bit of BTC payment, Bless you and your family, 5/10/2020

High Investment Program invest $100 return $500 daily for 5 days,Bitcoin Halving – Predictions and Realistic Expectations, 5/08/2020

Bitcoin Mutual fund work in a way as investment vehicles where many investors pool in their money and this money then is invested into various financial instruments such as stocks, shares of companies, bonds and debt instruments which will generate more wealth depending on the market situations, 5/07/2020

Vip Investment and Bitcoin Financial Freedom were add a new bitcoin payment proof, 5/06/2020

10XBTC invest 0.02 btc return 0.2 btc in 10 - 30 minutes,10xbtc is a great bitcoin platform that makes it super easy to invest in cryptocurrency without stress and withdraw at maturity of your investment, 5/05/2020

Guaranteed Profit Investment will close the EXTREME PLAN in some month and the min deposit will increase to $3000,If you want to invest in the Extreme plan,You should be quickly to invest $100 to $2999,Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof, 5/04/2020

Qatar Bitcoin ,Fastest Investments For Income In Retirement, Invest $500 return $30000 in 2 days,they always updated the payment proof on the site, 5/02/2020

Cryptocurrency vs COVID-19: Bloomzed Project Founder Allocated $ 10 Million to Fight Against Coronavirus, 5/01/2020

NewsCrypto and KuCoin Team up to Promote Crypto Education, 4/29/2020

One Hour HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof,A Bitcoin Investor got 7 bitcoins payment from One Hour HYIP in an hour, 4/28/2020

Japanese Exchange bitFlyer Blockchain Arm Launches Consulting Service,Insta Forex Investment add a new bitcoin payment on their payment proof page, 4/27/2020

Hold Gain add a new bitcoin payment proof, 4/26/2020

Bad for Bitcoin: Dow Jones Flashes Ultra-Bearish Sign as Investors Brace for Blood, 4/24/2020

Investors have a Chance to Win 1 BTC Daily in lucky draw from Bitcoin Bank,New Bonus for 2020 year,First 20 Depositors in Plan 2 will get 0.2 BTC as a gift with Five Transaction Daily,First 20 Depositors in Plan 3 will get 1 BTC as a gift with Three Transaction Daily, 4/21/2020

60er Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof which the program only need to invest $50 and receive $1500 after 12 hours, 4/20/2020

Qatar Bitcoin Investment Fastest Investments For Income In Retirement,Invest $500 return $30000 in 48 hours, 4/19/2020

Doha Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof, 4/16/2020

Bitcoin Stock fix their investment plans and reduced the min deposit to $50 max deposit is $50,000, 4/15/2020

Fast Return Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof, 4/14/2020

Compared to traditional investments, the direct investment in the Crypto Mining Investment Limited provides high returns with weekly cash flow, particularly in today's markets we can offer stable and risk free weekly returns, 4/13/2020

Canada: Bitcoin (BTC) Fund 3iQ Scores Listing on Toronto Stock Exchange, 4/10/2020

New Program Bitcoin ATM Invest listed in our site today,Bitcoin trended higher along with many traditional markets Tuesday before changing direction and falling as U.S. stock trading closed, 4/08/2020

Real Gold Investment is a group of independent professional Forex trader and financial advisers, 4/06/2020

Secure Investment Fund was closed,All our investors have made a profit in this great hyip, 4/04/2020


Bitcoin Supply Chain add a btc payment proof on their site, 3/31/2020

Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof,Bitcoin Price falls by $500 in less then a day,It is the time to invest in some HYIPs which listed in our site,because some Hyips program fixed their btc price in the system,The price of their system is definitely higher than the market price at present, so that the profit will be greater, 3/30/2020

Investing with brings you more than regular investments and putting your money into a bank. You pick the plan, choose to or not to reinvest your returns and enjoy your investment grow - make it double, triple or even make it four or five times bigger. You don't have to wait years, even in 1 day you can seriously strengthen your assets, 3/29/2020

10XBTC updated the member stats,Bitcoin Supply Chain changed a new bitcoin address for accept deposit from investors, 3/26/2020

Doha Investment updated the website data, number of members and total investment, 3/25/2020

Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add a btc payment proof on their site, 3/24/2020

Is Bitcoin a Better Covid-19 Safe Haven Asset or US Treasury Bonds? 3/23/2020

60er Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof on their site, 3/21/2020

Enargas, Argentina’s gas regulator, has approved the nationwide deployment of Gasnet, a blockchain-based natural gas distribution system developed by IOV Labs, a Buenos Aires-based firm. The blockchain solution will automate the nation’s existing paper processes and monitor the processes of market participants in terms of quality and safety, 3/20/2020

Coin Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof on the proof page, 3/19/2020

Bitcoin Supply Chain min deposit is 0.02 btc for bitcoin investors and $100 for perfect money & payeer investors,Bitcoin77 was stop paying on yesterday, we removed them from our List, 3/18/2020

Our Investment Plan was added a new bitcoin payment proof, 3/17/2020

Amazing Bitcoin raised their min deposit to $200 today,Sending Cash to Friends and Family Through Bitcoin ATMs Is Safer Than Crowding Bank Offices During Pandemic, 3/16/2020

Fast Return Investment add a bitcoin payment proof,min investment is $100,invest $100 return $5000 in 24 hours, 3/14/2020

Insta Forex Investment Investment site add a bitcoin payment proof, 3/13/2020

Bitcoin Supply Chain min deposit raised from $50 to $100 today, 3/12/2020

Bitcoin Financial Freedom and High Investment Program upload a new perfect money payment proof on their site, 3/10/2020

Guaranteed Profit Investment is a private international investment company,min is $100 and the ROI 6800% After 120 Hours(5 days) [Fully Instant Payments], 3/10/2020

Bitcoin HYIP and Doha Investment upload a new payment proof on their site, 3/09/2020

Bitcoin Mutual Fund is Vip Investment system designed specifically for online investors,Invest $200 return $14000 after 2 days,Invest $10,000 return $700,000 after 24 hours,they accept Perfect Money,Bitcoin and Payeer.After the investment term is expired you will get 7000% of your deposited, 3/08/2020

Dubaibtc is a cryptocurrency investment company specializing in the bitcoin market. We trade bitcoins on international markets and funding by buying oil and cryptocurrency mining is our main source of income and investing the money into the cryptocurrency market which is the most effective and stabilised market in the world, 3/06/2020

Legit HYIP is an secure investment project , designed specially for people want to get reliable & profitable source of real net income. Legit HYIP provides investments opportunities to individual and institutional investors,Invest $100 and Return $1500 in 6 hours, 3/04/2020

Coin Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof on their site,This is your opportunity to make profits that can possibly change your life, 3/02/2020

Vip Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof on their site, 2/29/2020

Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add a new perfect money payment proof on their site, 2/28/2020

60er Investment The Best Investment Program For Retirement Life min is $50 now, 2/27/2020

BitwelFare was closed,It has been running for one year and officially announced to close the website,and return all investors' principal,That a good hyip program with a honest admin, 2/26/2020

Our Investment offer is a short-term, reliable, and secure Investment Institute run by a group of investment professionals who put in their knowledge and idea together to earn extra income from investment and for better future and better income without you having to work hard, 2/23/2020

Legit HYIP Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof today, 2/19/2020

Crypto Retirement added in our Paying HYIPs today,Bitcoin Supply Chain add a new perfect money payment proof, 2/18/2020

Pension Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof,Bitcoin ETFs, while inviting billions in investments, might undermine BTC’s ethos, 2/16/2020

Vip Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof, 2/14/2020

Fast Return Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof on their site, 2/11/2020

1BCASH min deposit reduced 0.01 btc,A new good program named "Rebirth Investment Property" Lunched on yesterday,It is a long term investment program with a honest admin, 2/09/2020

Bitcoin Supply Chain add a new bitcoin payment proof and add a news page on their site,It's good for investors to understand their website information and announcements, maybe it's the time to invest in their projects, 2/07/2020

Bitcoin Stock add a new bitcoin payment proof,Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add a new perfect money proof, 2/06/2020

China Stocks Plummet Despite 1.2 Trillion Yuan Injection to Mitigate Effects of Epidemic, 2/04/2020

Bitcoin Finance Freedom create a payment proof page,They seem more reliable, 2/02/2020

Financial Firm SBI Holdings to Offer XRP Cryptocurrency as Shareholders’ Benefit, 1/31/2020

My Bitcoin Generator was closed today,the domain was expired, 1/29/2020

Bitcoin Bros add a new bitcoin payment proof,The majority of financial advisors are “hesitant to invest client money in Bitcoin,” but they shouldn’t be, according to Ric Edelman, founder of Edelman Financial Engines, 1/28/2020

Popular bitcoin exchange Local Bitcoin has been suspending users’ accounts, 1/26/2020

Gift Bitcoin Cash for Chinese New Year With a Limited Edition Red Envelope Paper Wallet From,Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof, 1/24/2020

High Investment Program add a new bitcoin payment proof, 1/22/2020

13X Bitcoin reduced the min deposit from 0.05 btc to 0.02 btc today, 1/21/2020

Bitcoin Qatar add a new perfect money payment proof on their site, 1/18/2020

Investors Pumped $608 Million Into Bitcoin (BTC) and Cryptocurrency Funds in Record Year, Says Hedge Fund Giant Grayscale, 1/16/2020

A new Perfect Money Payment Proof added in Bitcoin Supply Chain's Proof Page today, 1/15/2020

Legit HYIP reduced the min deposit to $100 perfect money and added a bitcoin payment proof in their site, 1/14/2020

Bitcoin Stock Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof, 1/12/2020

Thailand’s Oldest Bank Launches Mobile Banking with Ripple, 1/10/2020

Coin Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof, 1/8/2020

How to Sell Anything for Bitcoin on Your Website, 1/7/2020

Our Investment Plan was fixed today,and a bitcoin payment proof added, 1/5/2020

Happy Birthday Bitcoin! Here’s a Look at Bitcoin’s 11th Year by the Numbers, 1/3/2020

Happy New Year! Bitcoin 2020 — Blockchain’s New Year Resolutions, 1/1/2020


Bitcoin Bank add a new bitcoin payment proof, 12/27/2019

OKEx Launches Bitcoin Options Trades for Select Clients Ahead of January Launch, 12/26/2019

Merry Chirstmas for all investors! We will continue to work this Christmas holiday,contact us if you have investment questions,Thank you for support over the past year, 12/24/2019

Christmas Shopping: Where to Buy With Crypto This Festive Season, 12/22/2019

Hold Gain add a new bitcoin payment proof on their site, 12/19/2019

BitMart Christmas BMX trading competition – 17.5 BTC + 2,240,000 BMX giveaway, 12/17/2019

Bitcoin investment: Women likely to take the lead according to survey, 12/15/2019

Guaranteed Profits Investment add a new bitcoin payment proof on their site, 12/12/2019

Japanese Banks turn to JPMorgan’s Network to Fight Money Laundering, 12/11/2019

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Could Replace Cash, Says Bombshell Deutsche Bank Report, 12/08/2019

A Study Suggests Blockchain Will Save Hundreds Of Billions In Western Europe Alone, 12/04/2019

American Citizen Arrested for Educating North Korea on Blockchain and Crypto, 12/01/2019

BTC Bank add a new bitcoin payment proof, 11/29/2019

BTC Qatar add a new bitcoin payment, 11/24/2019

Binance Crypto Exchange to Drag Crypto News Site to Court over Fake News, 11/23/2019

Galaxy Digital Launches New Bitcoin Funds, Bakkt Crosses $100 Million, Fidelity Scores Crypto License, 11/19/2019

Walmart Canada teams up with Toronto-based tech company DLT Labs to roll-out a new blockchain-based solution to manage the logistics of the American retailer over the Canadian territory according to a press article released by IGD SupplyChainAnalysis, 11/16/2019

Bitcoin Stock Investment added a new perfect money payment proof on their site, 11/15/2019

Bitcoin7 min deposit is 0.01 btc today,invest 0.01 btc return 0.4 btc after 4 hours, 11/14/2019

Australia: DigitalX Launches Bitcoin Fund Seeded With $1.9M in BTC, 11/13/2019

Abu Dhabi Bitcoin add a new bitcoin payment proof on their site, 11/11/2019

Are Bitcoin and Other Cryptos Back in a Bear Market After Latest Drop? 11/08/2019

Why Should I Buy Cryptocurrency? 11/06/2019

One Hour HYIP add a new bitocin payment proof for investors and the min deposit reduced to $100, 11/04/2019

UK’s new crypto-tax guidance refuses to recognize Bitcoin as money,XBT/USD Analysis: Bitcoin Stays above $9,000 As $10,000 Becomes A Pipe Dream – BitMEX Margin Trading. 11/04/2019

60er Investment was listed in our Premium HYIPs,60er Investment is a quickly developing premier brokerage firm on financial market. We provide financial assistance with wide range of fiscal instruments, 11/01/2019

Bitcoin, other cryptos could be added to Libra’s reserve basket in the future, 10/30/2019

Bitcoin Analysis for 2019-10-28,The Bitcoin price broke out from a descending wedge. The breakout was swift and done with significant volume. Currently, it is trading slightly above the previous breakdown level, right at the 100-day moving average (MA). In the short-term, it has created a bearish double top pattern, 10/28/2019

Bitcoin Supply Chain min deposit reduced to $50 and 0.005 btc,It is good news for small investors,Invest ASAP and let your wealth be free soon, 10/26/2019

Canada Bitcoin was stopped paying,contact us if you lost money in Canada Bitcoin,we will refund all your lost, 10/24/2019

My Bitcoin Generator adjusted their investment plan,Invest Bitcoins and get 6666% of your investment after an hour,min is 0.02 btc, 10/23/2019

Iran Gives Green Light To Bitcoin Mining, 10/22/2019

1BTCASH min deposit reduced from 0.05 btc to 0.03 btc,1BTCASH Return 50X in 5 Hours, 10/20/2019

Crypto Influencer Says Bitcoin Is More Trustworthy Than Status Quo, Calls Cryptography’s ‘Asymmetric Warfare’ a Game Changer, 10/17/2019

The New HYIP Program Euro Bitcoin Trade listed in our site, 10/15/2019

Bckke Investment all you need is just to send us your bitcoins, and wait 3 hours to receive the multiply bitcoins back to your address! GUARANTEED!We need just 3 hours to multiply your bitcoins 50x,min is 0.02 btc, 10/13/2019

Picking out Positives from the (Perplexing) New Crypto Tax Guidelines, 10/11/2019

German Bank: Bitcoin Is Low, but It’ll Be Big in 2020, 10/08/2019

Amazing Bitcoin add a payment proof page for their clients,This will make them more credible and reliable, 10/06/2019

High Investment Program add a new bitcoin payment proof, 10/05/2019

These Debit Cards Will Help You Spend Your BCH Anywhere, 10/04/2019

New Bitcoin Payment Solution to Emerge in Germany After BitPay's Exit, 10/02/2019

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Samsung Partners With Klaytn to Make Galaxy Note 10 Crypto Friendlier, 09/05/2019

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Switzerland Approves Bitcoin Banks – But With Strict Conditions Attached,One of the major problems for businesses in the cryptocurrency industry is finding a bank that agrees to work with them and connect them to the traditional fiat financial system. The financial regulator in Switzerland has just made this easier by licensing two companies to serve as tailored banks for the industry and further open up the market to institutional investors, albeit under very strict AML regulations. 09/01/2019

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Crypto enthusiasts have noticed that the Ethereum blockchain has come awfully close to reaching capacity due to the added transactions stemming from the Tether (USDT) network. The transaction count since mid-August shows the ERC20 version of tether has surpassed the original version that uses BTC. ERC20 tether transactions cost users more than $260,000 in the last 30 days and the over-saturation of trades is 17X larger than the infamous Crypto Kitties fiasco., 08/29/2019

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Philippines Increasingly Crypto Friendly - A Look at Driving Forces, 08/18/2019

Europe is gradually tightening the rules for the crypto space. A wave of new regulations are introducing stricter requirements for companies operating in the industry and cryptocurrency users are going to feel the difference in the coming months. The measures stem from the obligation of member states to transpose EU’s Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive (AMLD5) into national law by January. Unfortunately, they often go beyond what Brussels wants them to do, 08/15/2019

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Québec, the resource-rich Canadian province, has made up its mind about cryptocurrency mining. Régie de l’énergie, the region’s energy regulator, has rendered its decision on the blockchain sector and lifted the moratorium on electricity supplies. An additional 300 MW of energy will be allocated to power the minting of digital coins, a move that local officials hope will make Québec one of the major forces in the industry, 05/06/2019

Bitcoin and Crypto Investors Are Torn Over Using Bitfinex After Accusation, 04/30/2019

Russia Prepares to Test Cryptocurrencies in Four of Its Regions, 04/28/2019

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How EU and 5 European Nations Regulate Cryptocurrency,Leading up to the G20 summit in June, the Financial Stability Board has detailed how the European Union and its member countries are regulating crypto assets, who the regulators are in each country and the scope of their oversight. In most cases, crypto assets are overseen by several regulators. 04/13/2019

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Moon Missions and Custom Wallets: Bitcoin Community Celebrates Pizza Day, 05/22/2018

Japanese Exchange Coincheck Eyes America for Expansion, 05/19/2018

Bitcoin Mining Manufacturer Canaan Files for Hong Kong Stock Exchange IPO, 05/17/2018

Japan’s Internet Giant GMO Wants to Borrow BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP From Customers, 05/13/2018

Japan’s GMO Has Mined Over 900 Bitcoins – Hashrate Doubled Last Month, 05/11/2018

Australia's Government Budgets Over $500K for Blockchain Study, 05/09/2018

Robinhood App Expands Cryptocurrency Trading to Two More US States, 05/07/2018

Bitcoin Price Technical Analysis for 05/04/2018 – Long-Term Double Bottom, 05/04/2018

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Bitcoin Gaining Ground in Zimbabwe with a New Crypto Exchange and a BTC/USD ATM, 04/18/2018

Coinsource Installs 20 Bitcoin ATM Machines Around Washington DC, 04/16/2018

Indian Bitcoin Exchange Loses $3.3 Million in Heist, Investors Confused, 04/14/2018

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Antigua and Barbuda to Set Up a Cryptocurrency Exchange, 04/02/2018

Russian Hotels to Surprise World Cup Fans with Bitcoin Payments, 03/30/2018

Bitcoin Drops Below $8K Amid Crypto Market Slide, 03/27/2018

Tax Filing Platform Teams with Zebpay to Help Crypto Taxpayers in India, 03/25/2018

Bitcoin price: What is the long-term bitcoin forecast? Expert says BTC will survive dips, 03/23/2018

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Indians Look to Buy Bitcoin Overseas as Regulations Tighten, 02/19/2018

Happy Chinese Year For Chinese Investors , 02/16/2018

Coinbase Introduces a PayPal-like Merchant Solution for Cryptocurrencies, 02/14/2018

Iceland Bitcoin Mining to Double Energy Consumption This Year, 02/12/2018

Investing in Bitcoins – Is It Worth It? 02/10/2018

Coinbase Is Adding Segwit Support, 02/05/2018

Crowdfire Founders Plan to Launch Indian Bitcoin Exchange, 02/05/2018

The Cryptocurrency Markets Are Having an Interesting Week, 02/03/2018

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Regulation Round-Up: Kenya, Ghana and Algeria Fudding and Fighting Bitcoin, 11/28/2017

Malaysia to Place Bitcoiners Under Existing Anti-Money Laundering Laws, 11/24/2017

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The NetCents Coin, A Better Cryptocurrency for Day-to-day Transactions, 11/08/2017

Nepal Continues Crackdown, Two More Bitcoiners Arrested, 11/07/2017

Is Bitcoin Price en Route to Reaching $10,000 by the End of 2017? 11/05/2017

Decentrex Seems to Be Pioneering a New Age of Exchange, 11/02/2017

Samsung Builds Bitcoin Mining Rig Using Old Phones, 10/29/2017

Indonesian Bitcoin Exchanges Close Down amidst Regulatory Pressure, 10/26/2017

Traditional Media Outlet Amazed by Prime-Ex Perpetual, a Blockchain-Powered Real Estate Project, 10/21/2017

Bitcoin Millionaire Erik Finman Challenges Jamie Dimon to a Boxing Match, 10/18/2017

Bitcoin Market Capitalization Approaches $100 Billion USD, 10/16/2017

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Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis – Can BTC/USD Stay Above $2000? 07/16/2017

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GDAX Exchange Brings Ether Trading to the State of New York, 03/25/2017

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European Commission Eyes Transaction Limits on Digital Currencies , 01/31/2017

Royal Bank of Canada Sees Role for Public Blockchains in Secure Payments , 01/28/2017

Hong Kong's BitVC Adds Fees For Exchange Traders , 01/25/2017

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14 Industry Luminaries (and an Ode) on the State of Bitcoin 2016 , 01/02/2017


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