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Abu Dhabi Bitcoin
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Bitcoin HYIP
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60er Investment
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Doha Investment
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Guaranteed Profit Investment
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Bitcoin Stock
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Minimum Bitcoin Investment
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Bitcoin ATM Invest
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Crypto Retirement
450% daily for 10 days
Rebirth Investment Property
80% daily for 200 days
60er Investment
8000% after 6 hours
Euro Bitcoin Trade
75% daily for 500 days
100x BTC in 24 hours min 0.05
Canada Bitcoin Exchange
Profit:3586% -7985% Return on Investment
Doha Investment
6800% After 36 hours
Swedish Bitcoin
Pay 0.02 BTC today, get 2 BTC in 24 hours
Vip Investment
30% hourly for 300 hours
Double Bitcoin
Invest 0.02 btc Return 0.9 btc in 10 hours
Pay 0.03 BTC, get 3 BTC In 6 Hours
Grand Wealth Signal
130% hourly for 24 hours
Crypto Mining Investment
150% hourly for 24 hours
Secure Investment Fund
6500% to 27500% profit
Bitcoin 77X
Return 50X in 5 Hours
3500% in 8 hours
My Bitcoin Generator
2018% after an hour
Go Safe Investment
12000% in 2 days
Multiply Bitcoin 50x in 3 hours
5000% in 12 hours
Bitcoin Reward
10000% in 24 hours
8000% Interest in 5 hours
13x BTC
Qatar Bitcoin
6000% profit in 48 Hours
Real BTC
Earn Up to 9000% ROI in 24 hours
Genuine Bitcoin Multiplier
Invest Bitcoins and get Multiply 50X the amount in 12 hours!
Bitcoin Coin
Turn 0.1 btc into 10 btc in 24 hours
Bitcoin Times
Send some Bitcoins and multiply them hundredfold in just one day
10X Bitcoin
Multiply 10x in 10 minutes
Bitcoin Save
Receive 5 BTC In 120 Hours
Bitcoin 1000
2500% IN 3 HOURS
Pensioner Bonds
500% daily for 30 days
9900% in 24 hours
Hold Gain
1500% in 1 hour
Contingent Investment
1000% in 2 - 4 days
Bitcoin Stock
8800% ROI after 24 hours
Bitcoin Supply Chain
800% daily for 5 days
5000% in 12 hours
Citrus Investment
2600% after 24 hours
Abu Dhabi Bitcoin
2500% ROI In 6 hours
Bitcoin 7
5480% in 48 hours
Minute HYIP
3% every minute for 600 minutes
1000% after 1 day
Security Investment
2000% in 24 hours
2 Hour Bitcoin
Double Bitcoin in 2 hours
Get Bitcoin Fast
4000% ROI in 24 hours

The 10 Longest Paying HYIP

Doha Investment
Bitcoin Times
60er Investment
Legit HYIPs
Bitcoin Freedom
Guaranteed Profit Invest
High Investment Program
Bitcoin Mutual Fund
Insta Forex Investment
Bitcoin Multiplier X10


Eec Bitcoin
Genuine Bitcoin Multiplier
Hold Gain
Bitcoin Investing
Bitcoin Supply Chain
Guaranteed Profit Invest
Abu Dhabi Bitcoin
Silver Investment Capital
60er Investment
Doha Investment


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2 Hour Bitcoin min deposit reduced to 0.01 btc now, Invest 0.01 btc return 0.3 btc after 2 hours, 06/13/2020

Fake SpaceX YouTube Channels Scam Victims Out of $150K in BTC, 06/10/2020

South Africans are leaving their jobs to make money with bitcoin, 06/08/2020

Singapore-Based TomoChain Launches P2P Lending Feature, 06/06/2020

A Bitcoin (BTC) peer-to-peer exchange made on the HodlHodl platform went awry as a scammer appears to have used a SIM spoofing attack to make the seller believe he was about to receive the money, 06/03/2020

Indian IT Giant Tech Mahindra Launches Initiative to Equip Youth With Blockchain Skills,Bitcoin Price Surges to $10,380 as Trump Threatens Military Crackdown, 01/06/2020

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Bitcoin Price Consolidates Below $10,000 After Halving: What’s Next? 5/17/2020

Many More Bitcoin Investors Are Entering the Fray, Analysts Claim, 5/14/2020

The world’s largest Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto investment trust reports that its assets under management (AUM) increased by $500 million since the release of its first-quarter report in March.Grayscale says it now manages $3.7 billion worth of crypto assets on behalf of its clients, marking a new high for the digital asset management firm, 5/12/2020

BitMEX Exchange Post Halving Warning, Traders May Face Increased Withdrawal Fees And Delays in Transactions, 5/09/2020

Dutch authorities have told crypto exchanges to be ready to comply with tougher anti-money laundering (AML) laws or face mandatory shutdowns. DNB Gives Crypto Exchanges Two Weeks Ultimatum In a press release published by the Netherlands’ central bank, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), on Monday (May 4, 2020), crypto exchanges operating in the country were given, 5/07/2020

A report published by leading U.S.-based crypto exchange, Coinbase, has argued that Bitcoin (BTC) offers a distinct advantage over gold. They state that Bitcoin is afforded these advantages by its lack of dependence on physical supply chains, 5/03/2020

Sygnum Bank, the first crypto bank licensed by FINMA, announced on April 30 that Ripple’s XRP tokens are now available through its banking services platform. Users can access deposit, exchange, and credit services using the popular digital currency, 5/01/2020

Europeans are getting more confident about the future of the cryptocurrency industry amid the coronavirus pandemic, according to a new report,According to a new survey by bitFLyer, the number of Europeans who believe that crypto will still exist in 10 years has edged up from 63% in 2019 to 66% in 2020, 4/30/2020

One Hour HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof,A Bitcoin Investor 7 bitcoins payment from One Hour HYIP in an hour, 4/28/2020

KuCoin to Become the Third Major Exchange to List Blockstack’s STX Token, 4/25/2020

Bitcoin Investors Hodl $530M More BTC Each Day as Halving Nears — Data,Roughly 75,000 BTC is being added to long-term positions daily, according to figures tracking investor behavior, 4/23/2020

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New Zealand Financial Regulator Warns Public About ‘Profit Bitcoin’ Scam,“The Bitcoin Profit software is advertised as a Bitcoin System which can make you “stinking rich” and earn millions even when crypto markets are crashing. In reality it is a fake automated crypto robot designed to execute losing trades and in that way steal your money.”The warning from New Zealand’s FMA comes amid apparent surge in global scam cases involving cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin,a number of global jurisdictions including the United States and the United Kingdom have already warned the public against crypto scams trying to capitalize on the widespread fears relating to COVID-19, 4/07/2020

Crypto Exchanges Are Reporting Many New Bitcoin Customers, 4/05/2020

Binance Crypto Exchange Teases Bitcoin (BTC) Options Trading Feature, 4/04/2020

Bitcoin Price falls by $500 in less then a day,It is the time to invest in some HYIPs which listed in our site,because some Hyips program fixed their btc price in the system,The price of their system is definitely higher than the market price at present, so that the profit will be greater, 3/30/2020

Is Now the Time to Invest in Bitcoin? 3/26/2020

Wells Fargo announced that in response to the COVID-19 outbreak it would be suspending evictions, residential foreclosure property sales, and automobile repossessions. These moves may appear altruistic, yet taking steps to allow customers to purchase bitcoin would be an equally beneficial service, 3/22/2020

Hawaii Set to Introduce Regulatory Sandbox for Cryptocurrency Companies, 3/20/2020

US-based cryptocurrency exchange CoinZoom has officially launched its crypto exchange platform and Visa card,COINZOOM ALLOWS USERS TO SPEND CRYPTO WITH VISA CARDS, 3/18/2020

Italian Red Cross Launches Bitcoin Fundraiser To Fight Coronation, 3/15/2020

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Ethereum Futures market reflects heightened Open Interest as it hits ATH, 2/13/2020

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Bitcoin futures exceed $ 10,000; total BTC transactions reach up to half a billion, 2/07/2020

Bitcoin Price exceeds $ 9,700 to peak in 3 months, 2/06/2020

China Stocks Plummet Despite 1.2 Trillion Yuan Injection to Mitigate Effects of Epidemic, 2/04/2020

Financial Firm SBI Holdings to Offer XRP Cryptocurrency as Shareholders’ Benefit, 1/31/2020

My Bitcoin Generator was closed today,the domain was expired, 1/29/2020

Bitcoin Bros add a new bitcoin payment proof,The majority of financial advisors are “hesitant to invest client money in Bitcoin,” but they shouldn’t be, according to Ric Edelman, founder of Edelman Financial Engines, 1/28/2020

Popular bitcoin exchange Local Bitcoin has been suspending users’ accounts, 1/26/2020

Gift Bitcoin Cash for Chinese New Year With a Limited Edition Red Envelope Paper Wallet From,Bitcoin HYIP add a new bitcoin payment proof, 1/24/2020

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