KuCoin to Become the Third Major Exchange

Cryptocurrency exchange KuCoin has signed an agreement with Blockstack PBC, the company behind the Blockstack blockchain, to list the Stacks (STX) token in the coming weeks. The trend marks an attempt to increase global access to the Blockstack digital token.
KuCoin displays the STX token
STX is used to record digital assets on the Blockstack blockchain. They are used when users sign up or use something on the Blockstack blockchain, like how Ether (ETH) is used when operating on the Ethereum network.
KuCoin will be the third stock exchange to show STX. According to the Blockstack website, the partnership with KuCoin is of great importance in increasing global access to the Stacks token (STX), especially in Asia and other active KuCoin markets.
It should be noted that KuCoin has more than 5 million registered users worldwide. By listening to KuCoin, access to the STX token will now be easier than ever, especially in the Asian cryptocurrency markets.
KuCoin represents a diverse community of crypto enthusiasts that Blockstack hopes to have easy access to. Blockstack is excited about continued progress towards the decentralization of the Blockstack ecosystem as management, operation and ownership of network brands continues to expand.
For the uninitiated, Blockstack PBC, the company behind the STX digital token, which wraps its 2019 token offering in what was at the time the first token-based offer (SEC) approved by the U.S. U.S Securities and Exchange Commission . The company was able to raise a total of $ 23 million under Regulation A + and Regulation S. of the SEC.
KuCoin continues to expand its footprint
KuCoin’s commitment to providing the best digital asset products and services to its users is reflected in the recent commercial activities on the crypto exchange.
Earlier this year, in February, KuCoin announced the launch of the Instant Exchange service to enable the instant cryptotransaction service for Bitcoin (BTC), ETH, Litecoin (LTC), XRP, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Tether (USDT).
In a recent note, the KuCoin crypto exchange announced that it had partnered with Singapore-based cryptocurrency custody platform Onchain Custodian to offer a KuCoin crypto asset storage service. In particular, deposit funds will be backed by Lockton Insurance, the world’s largest private insurance brokerage firm.