Italian Red Cross Launches Bitcoin Fundraiser To Fight Coronation

A new initiative from the Italian Red Cross aims to raise funds through cryptocurrencies to fight coronation in Italy.

The Italian Red Cross and the Colli Albani Commission are collecting donations of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to fight the country’s crowning pandemic with the support of Helperbit, she said on March 12.

Objectives of the new campaign
Proceeds from the campaign are said to have been used to create a second advanced medical post to pre-screen COVID-19 cases in the country and a target of € 10,000 should be purchased for medical equipment needed for the infrastructure.

The remaining funds will be used to cover the fees of medical staff involved in the project.

Bruno Pietrosanti, president of the Colli Albani commission, said that they had to reduce the pressure on hospitalization due to the increase in the number of infected patients and the reduced number of positions available in Italian hospitals:

In implementing the initiative with Helperbit, a blockchain startup that provides a platform for charity, Pierosanis added:

“We believe that an innovative fundraising tool like Bitcoin can help us find the necessary financial resources, which are very difficult to reach in this historic era.”

Other organizations supporting the Red Cross volunteering campaign
The campaign is also supported by Young Srl, a Fintech company active in community initiatives supporting cryptocurrencies, and by Blockchain Education Network Italy, a non-profit organization that discloses information about Bitcoin and the Italian territory of blockchain.

Andrea Ferrero, CEO of Young SRL, commented on the use of blockchain in this campaign:

“I firmly believe that blockchain technology is more efficient and transparent to support this type of initiative. Young is a company that aims to create or exploit innovative models to improve existing processes, and we will always be at the forefront of support. projects like the Red Cross. “

Emiliano Palermo, spokesperson for the Blockchain Education Network Italy, stressed the importance of these platforms, which ensure the “transparency” of donations, in the face of the country’s emergency.

Current situation in Italy in the case of coronaviruses
At the time of publication, the number of coronary deaths in Italy was over 1,200, with more than 17,600 reported, according to official data.