BTC investment basics – Do I need to invest in Bitcoins?

Is Bitcoin worth investing? This is the question that many of us face every day. The answer is slightly more complex than the usual “yes” or “no” options. We describe everything we know about investing in Bitcoin and find out!
Should you invest in Bitcoins?
If you are the only one to consider the investment as something “undefined”, since the cryptocurrency is stupid, think again. What makes Bitcoin so valuable to investors? BTC parts have two properties that make them ideal for investment.
First, bitcoins are available in limited quantities. There are only 21 million bitcoins. Over time, it becomes increasingly difficult to exploit new parts. Like gold, BTC becomes more valuable over time.
Secondly, Bitcoin offers a transparent monetary policy that anyone can examine. You can see when new coins are created, how many Bitcoins are in circulation and where the transactions go. In addition to transparency, Bitcoin has a great advantage as a payment method: transfers can be sent from anywhere in the world and no third party can block payments, close accounts or make transactions. the other way around. If a government’s monetary policy fails (for example, in Venezuela), Bitcoin can be a way to avoid this failure and gain access to unlimited cross-border transactions.
Taking into account all these factors, you will get a great investment in BTC.
Bitcoin Price
As you may already know, if you are in cryptocurrency there is no fixed price for most currencies (with the exception of stable currencies). The price of Bitcoin is determined by the number of buyers / sellers: you can monitor it practically without CoinMarketCap.
Many people wonder if there is a good time to buy Bitcoins. Well, not really. All you need to do is understand the graphics and know how to observe market movements at the right time. Reading bitcoin price forecasts can also be useful, but it is not 100% reliable information. This is more than an aid, not a guide.
Provide sources for Bitcoins
The difficulty of buying Bitcoins depends on the service you use. The general advice would be to stick to the reliable encrypted currency exchanges in your country. If you want more information on the exchange services that are guaranteed to work properly, you can consult the Guarda Exchange service selection here.
How to keep your BTC safe
Bitcoin is a precious resource – different types of thieves and cheaters could be after the coins. Therefore, BTC security is an integral part of your journey to cryptocurrency.
If you are seriously interested in investing in Bitcoins, you should first look for a secure cryptocurrency wallet.
When it comes to securely storing encrypted data, we know better. Here are the criteria for putting your coins in the maximum security of your wallet:
Non-private portfolios. Interventions by third-party providers often have a negative impact on coin holders. Personal data stored in the company can be hacked and used for some harmful actions. This is where non-custodian portfolios come into play. Non-custodial services do not have access to or storage of personal information about their users. As a result, the level of security increases dramatically and the user remains solely responsible for his money.
Rapidly developing portfolios. When choosing an encrypted currency storage service, check the pace of business development. If a portfolio that you choose to do is updated frequently, adding new features and looking for improvements, this is a good sign.
The team is open to communication. If you are new to cryptocurrency, you may need to ask lots of questions. If you have experience, you may have questions about the work of the portfolio. No matter how good you are, you need to be able to reach the developers in your portfolio. Check the service’s social networks, telegraphic chats and helpline to see if your questions are answered effectively.
The functionality of your wallet. Depending on your needs, the portfolio must have numerous additional features. Your wallet can contain good things: fast exchange with good courses.