Bitnation Introduces Smart Love, a Blockchain Marriage Application

Smart Love Crucial to Bitnation’s Polylegal Platform

Bitcoin.com_BitNationThe borderless voluntary nation has been working on Pangea, a Decentralized Blockchain Jurisdiction, since 2015. Bitnation chose Secure Scuttlebutt, a decentralized, peer-to-peer, communications protocol with end-to-end encryption that communicates with the Ethereum blockchain to both create and execute smart contracts.

Smart Love will be be the first end-use application for Pangea, and an essential part of Bitnation’s polylegal dispute resolution platform. This is, according to Bitnation, the ideal EtherCamp hackathon project.

Every useful marriage agreement needs to establish moderate entry barriers, and tough – perhaps very tough – exit barriers. Smart Love is no different, as it will incorporate legal code, arbitrators and enforcement mechanisms as per the user’s choice.

Smart Love, by design, links to a broad ecosystem of agreements such as child care, inheritances, and asset sharing. These agreements have historically been linked to marriage.

Bitnation Introduces Smart Love, a Blockchain Marriage Application