Bitcoin Reward Invest 0.05 btc Return 5 btc in 24 hours

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You don’t need to be a financial expert to invest. Investing is actually pretty simple; you’re basically putting your money to work for you so that you don’t have to take a second job, or work overtime hours to increase your earning potential. There are many different ways to make an investment, such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds or real estate, and they don’t always require a large sum of money to start. We have provided a special page “GET STARTED” where you will find useful information about starting investing.

– The minimum investment amount is 0.05 btc
– We make payouts directly to your bitcoin address which you mailed from- You’ll receive the payout on the next day ,Just 24 hours, our system is automatic
– You can make additional deposits as many times as you like
– Your principal is included in payouts and not returned
– Every new deposit is handled separately


      • PLAN A

        • Invest 0.05 btc – 0.4999 btc
        • Return 5 btc – 49.99 btc in 24 hours
      • PLAN B

        • Invest 0.5 btc – 0.9999 btc
        • Return 50 btc – 99.99 btc in 24 hours
      • PLAN C

        • Invest 1 btc – 4.9999 btc
        • Return 100 btc – 499.99 btc in 24 hours
      • PLAN D

        • Invest 5 btc – 9.9999 btc
        • Return 500 btc – 999.99 btc in 24 hours