Bitcoin IRA Opens Accounts Valued Over $2,000,000 and Launches Innovative Pricing Model

Last Friday Bitcoin IRA announced the successful completion of a new milestone. After reaching a milestone of $2 million, in new accounts during 5 months, Bitcoin IRA is now introducing new, innovative pricing features.

At this point in its history, bitcoin could be considered the ideal hedge against the dollar. While consumer transactions in bitcoin are rapidly increasing, international trade is carried out principally in dollars. Because of its financial independence, bitcoin effectively hedges the dollar reaction to a softening world economy.

Bitcoin IRA is the only Bitcoin-based retirement investment portfolio that allows people to invest Bitcoin directly into an IRA or 401(k). The investment options offered by Bitcoin IRA are approved by IRS. The platform constantly works with leading Fintech professionals to provide secure, high-quality Bitcoin investments.

Unlike Bitcoin ETFs and investment funds, Bitcoin IRA gives investors the chance to invest in real Bitcoin at a much lower fee. As the deadline for IRA investment nears, Bitcoin IRA is offering innovative pricing for the benefit of investors.

A recent comparison between Bitcoin IRA’s and Bitcoin ETF’s fees show recurring charges for Bitcoin ETF as against a one-time fee charged by Bitcoin IRA:

“Considering a 3-year investment plan, a person investing in 11 BTC worth of ETF when the Bitcoin price is at $750 is going to spend $289 as purchase fee at 3.5%. Over a period of three years, if the cryptocurrency’s value appreciates by $100 each year, then at 3.5% management fees, the cost incurred will be $327 at $850/BTC, $366 at $950/BTC and $404 at $1050/BTC respectively. After the period, when the investor sells the ETF after paying a 3.5% purchase fee of $443 at $1150/BTC, he would have spent a total of $1829 (17.5%). However, with Bitcoin IRA, apart from a flat 15% initial fee, there are no hidden charges or management fees. For investing in 11 real bitcoins for a period of 3-years at an initial rate of $750 per unit will only cost the investor $1238, upfront irrespective of the cryptocurrency’s appreciation during the investment term.”

As bitcoin’s use expands globally year after year, it stands an excellent chance to increase in value substantially. So does the value of a bitcoin IRA account.

The interested investors in this Bitcoin-based retirement fund have two options. They can either invest in real Bitcoin, by storing them in a specialized bitcoin wallet offered by Bitcoin IRA or opt for a proxy certificate ETF which is simply a dollar denominated representation of the digital currency. Judging by this year’s Bitcoin outstanding performance, unlike the Bitcoin ETF Fund, the IRA Fund will certainly gain an impressive margin of return.

Bitcoin ETFs often trade at 20-30% premiums over the actual market indices for bitcoin. Apart from this ETF’s also carry hidden fees chargeable on the purchase, for liquidation and annual management. Unlike Bitcoin ETF, Bitcoin IRA investors can continue to keep their investment in bitcoins, beyond the investment term. Bitcoin IRA’s pricing model focuses on covering the extensive security costs involved in managing the revolutionary product and whatever the growth in investment entirely belongs to the investor.

Bitcoin IRA is an excellent opportunity for anyone to get into digital currency.  To learn more about Bitcoin IRA visit the official site.

Bitcoin IRA Opens Accounts Valued Over $2,000,000 and Launches Innovative Pricing Model