Australia suffers from too many BTC scams

Bitcoin scams now seem to be everywhere, but nowhere are they more important than recently in Australia.

Australia supports too many such programs

That’s right … The country below seems to be one of the largest cryptographic fraud havens on Earth. Recent frauds include a young woman named Kate – a nickname because the respondent wanted to remain anonymous – who has invested up to $ 4,000 in the Bitcoin investment program based in Kiev, Ukraine.

The plan included a new website for the company called Crypto MB, which was to be hosted by a man named “William Bradley”. Initially, he was asked to invest just $ 250 in the project, and the rest of several thousand will appear later. He says:

I didn’t have $ 250 at all. So they said, “What do you have?” I said I had $ 150, so they said, “Send.”
However, he did not review this or any of the other funds he eventually donated to the platform, which is a common topic in the cryptographic community. Even more terrible during the interview, he admits that she borrowed a lot of money from her own son and lied to him for what. Ultimately, his own child suffered the most.

Kate is just one of thousands of people who have fallen victim to this scam, like so many others. They work in call centers in foreign regions and try to imprison people – those who probably don’t understand how cryptocurrency works – to give their hard-earned money to something that just doesn’t exist.

This case comes from a Ukrainian company called the Milton Group. The company is believed to have deceived people worth nearly $ 100 million during a cold conversation.

In other cases, cryptocurrency fraud “works” based on the similarities or faces of celebrities. For example, a woman named Rhonda Rutherford – a designer of wedding dresses in Sydney, Australia – claims that she was tempted to try BTC for the first time after watching an advertisement by Hugh Jackman – Wolverine himself – claiming that crypto be the future, and anyone who he didn’t invest, he would miss her completely.

Do not believe every known person you hear

She explains:

I was completely cheated using Bitcoin. I saw Hugh Jackman on television that Bitcoin is the right way. I thought I’d be fluttering.
The problem is that it wasn’t really Hugh Jackman who gave people information about Bitcoin, but the scammers just used his face, body and voice in advertising to cheat more people to digitally invest in assets.